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Marcel Proust – Remembrance of Things Past – Swann’ s Way

Posted on 11 May 2012 by Gerald Fenech

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And so it begins, it all begins yet again, Marcel Proust’s inimitable and magnificent remembrance of Things Past, probably the greatest of literary works of all time. Neville Jason has taken on the titanic task of reading the whole unabridged eight volumes for Naxos Audiobooks in a new and updated translation which simply means that no other reader can get close to him in his subtle and unique understanding of Proust.
Swann’s Way is perhaps the most fondly nostalgic of the eight novels and the inimitable descriptions of Marcel’s youth are almost unbearable in their fantastic attention to detail. The village of Combray where the family holidayed is also a fantastic recreation of a past which is now gone and which will simply never return.
Jason’s reading is assured and full of style and a classic poise which makes him the ideal Proust reader. One waits with trepidation and eager anticipation for the next volumes in this wonderful series.

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